We are not limited to one cause. We will help anyone who has a good idea and is willing to work to implement it as long as it makes a measurable and meaningful contribution to the community. The following programs are currently under development and further details will be posted as they become available.

  • EDM Event Safety - We are working with performers, production companies, promoters, venues and government agencies to develop a program which would improve safety at EDM events. We do not throw parties but we'll help those who do make them safer. We need input from everyone involved in the Electronic Dance Music community. We are also looking for volunteers with backgrounds in public health, safety, and medical training.

  • Homeless and At Risk Youths Services - Part of the proceeds from our events go to Larkin Street Youth Services which provides shelter, food, education, rehabilitation, education, job training, and emergency medical services to homeless youths of San Francisco. We are looking into the feasibility of providing direct services in areas not covered by other charities. We will continue to provide monetary support to Larkin Street and similar organizations while we develop the program and have a sufficient number of volunteers to implement it.

  • Child Abuse and Domestic Violence Victim Services - This program is under development and is pending discussions with city, county and state agencies and other NGOs.  Details will follow after we are further along in our talks.  We are not asking for and will not accept any donations for this program at this time. This program will require major funding.